Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

Marlene Coleman, Owner Elevate Vacations

Marlene Coleman

Founder and Executive Director

“None of us is as GOOD as ALL of us.”

A native of South Africa and founder of a successful candy manufacturing company, distributing products throughout South Africa, exporting to Australia and the USA, Marlene has a solid business background. 

She immigrated to Canada with her family in the late 1990s after completing an Executive MBA.  She very quickly discovered Whistler and never turned back.  Marlene has been an owner and manager of numerous properties in Vancouver and Whistler since the early 2000s, completing her strata and rental licencing in 2008. 

Being a natural athlete, the opportunities that Whistler has to offer to call her.  She has completed several ultra-distance running events and triathlons, including Ironman Canada and is an avid road biker and marathon runner. 

Marlene is committed to providing her guests with the best experience the environment has to offer.

Roberta Ryland

Rental & Organizational Manager

Roberta has been working with the company since 2013. She is a mother of 4 young boys with a strong love for animals and a passion for sports. Outside of work, most of her winters are spent at the ice rinks, and summers are spent camping & racing off-road.

Roberta's Marketing and Customer Service background has been essential to her Rental Management position, which she truly enjoys every day.


Megan Nolte, Whistler Canada

Megan Nolte

Marketing & Brand Manager

As a young aspiring businesswoman that started her career in the clothing industry, Megan developed leadership qualities in managing her department at a young age. She used these qualities to further her knowledge base and explore a more ridged and demanding industry in Events and Marketing. As she broke into this gruelling industry, she soon found her calling as a Marketing and Brand Manager at Elevate Vacations, allowing her to truly live up to the quote she lives by - “Make it BETTER than it was before.”

Megan’s knowledge and experience have set her up for success in her endeavours to be the leading woman in her field. She has embarked on large projects and events in recent times, maintaining a strong presence and a powerhouse.

Waqas Asgher

Chief Financial Officer

Born in Pakistan, Waqas had the opportunity to study and work in cities with diverse cultures across multiple countries. Studied and worked in Lahore, famous for its food, nightlife and historical sites. Worked and lived in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the oasis cities from the future in the middle of the desert. Finally moved to Canada, and now Whistler is his home for the 2nd half of his life. Waqas is now part of a fantastic family at Elevate Vacations and living in beautiful British Columbia. When not working on spreadsheets, he cooks and has his friends for dinner. Waqas is a chess lover and always wants to be surrounded by friends and family. He prefers movies over seasons. Skiing and cross-country biking is what he will be doing in Whistler. And how can he forget to mention that he loves his wife!

Jason Campbell - Elevate Vacations Team

Jason Campbell

Ops Manager | Maintenance

Jason is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and came to BC in 1996 and has never left. He loved the mountains and the great outdoor life that came with them. Jason's been in the property management industry for over 20 years, which includes managing retail, commercial and industrial sites in Vancouver.

Most of Jason's spare time is spent in the mountains, on his bike or skis. He is also found at the rinks, often watching his two boys play rep hockey. Jason enjoys going on hikes with his two border collies, and Whistler has no shortage of great hiking trails for him to explore.

Asmaa Al-Areebi

Ops Manager | Admin

Asmaa grew up in downtown Toronto where she started her career making business-to-business sales. Through this, Asmaa found a passion for business and decided to enter school for business and Human Resources. In 2017 Asmaa opted to move from the big city to the West Coast as the Rockies were calling her. Asmaa's spent this time working in the hospitality industry at landmarks across the country. Some of her favourite activities now include spending her time fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, and enjoying all of Whistler's beauty!

Sean Marr

Front Desk Manager

Sean is originally from Ontario, where he fell in love with skiing at three. He raced for 8 years for his hometown, hill. It allowed him to travel to all the ice hills (ski hills) around Ontario during that time. Sean has been fortunate enough to ski in Europe, the United States and Canada's west coast, which made him fall even more in love with the mountains.

Sean has called Whistler his home for over 12 years now (who's counting) and never looked back. The great outdoors that Whistler has to offer is bar none to most places, which is why this is a world-renowned resort. The different people and cultures that visit here make Whistler that much more magical for anyone.

Sean's continued goal is always to be a 5-star ambassador to everyone who visits or stays in Whistler because he believes everyone should feel as lucky as he does.

Wanda Hopkins

Co-Manager Housekeeping

Wanda grew up in a small town in Newfoundland and has worked in Whistler for the last 26 years within the hospitality industry, starting as a housekeeper, leading to training supervisor, and then moving up to management. Wanda loves every minute of working with her new team. Wanda enjoys gardening, sewing, and hanging out with her many fur babies in her spare time.

Amber Akre

Member Service Manager 

Amber has been a stay-at-home mom to 2 children for the last 12 years, with a small handmade business on the sidelines. Amber has a solid artistic background, working with many mediums and specializing in knitting and crochet. Amber enjoys spending her free time chasing waterfalls and exploring new places in the mountains. She also enjoys camping, fishing and many other outdoor activities. Amber has a great eye for detail and really enjoys structure and order in her daily life.

Farrah Lelond

Property Specialist

An Electrical Engineer by trade, Farrah brings a mix of technical and hospitable traits to Elevate.
Growing up, Farrah worked with the Sandman Hotel Group in Reservations, Front desk, And Special Programs Departments. She brings with her over 15 years of property management skills and is currently enrolled in the Rental Property Management licensing course.

Farrah sits on the board of directors for the Langley Community Farmers Market and is an avid garlic grower. Currently, she and her husband have over 500 heads planted for harvest in late summer. Farrah lives in beautiful Fort Langley with her husband and 2 children.

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