Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

Marlene Coleman nee Scott

Marlene Coleman nee Scott

Founder and Executive Director

“None of us is as GOOD as ALL of us.”

A native of South Africa and founder of a successful candy manufacturing company, distributing product throughout South Africa, exporting to Australia and the USA, Marlene has a solid business background. 

She immigrated to Canada with her family in the late 1990s after completing an Executive MBA.  She very quickly discovered Whistler and never turned back.  Marlene has been an owner and manager of numerous properties in Vancouver and Whistler since the early 2000s, completing her strata and rental licencing in 2008. 

Being a natural athlete, the opportunities that Whistler has to offer to call her.  She has completed several ultra-distance running events and triathlons including Ironman Canada and is an avid road biker and marathon runner. 

Marlene is committed to providing her guests with the best experience the environment has to offer.

Storm Coleman

General Manager

Storm has worked in the Property Management industry since 2010 and was one of the youngest licensed Property Managers in all of BC. She started her career working for one of the largest Property Management Companies in BC and managed a high-value portfolio (specializing in new build construction) of approximately 20 buildings/700 Units, and budgets varying $50,000 to $900,00 per annum. After a few years, she shifted her career and was introduced to the hotel industry and thoroughly enjoyed the customer-driven aspect of the business. Storm started with Elevate Vacations in 2012 and has grown with the Company working in all aspects from assistant to Member Services Manager, to Operations Manager for all of Whistler, and now working in a more managerial capacity in the Vancouver office.

If you have super random questions about policies/procedures/fun things to do in Whistler, she's your "go-to" girl to ask.

Roberta Ryland

Rental Manager

Roberta has been working with the company since 2013. She is a mother of 4 young boys with a strong love for animals and a passion for sports. Outside of work, most of her winters are spent at the ice rinks, and summers are spent camping & racing off-road.

Roberta's background in Marketing and Customer Service has been essential to her position in Rental Management, which she truly enjoys every day.


Megan Nolte, Whistler Canada

Megan Nolte

Marketing Manager

“Make it BETTER than it was before.”

As a young aspiring businesswoman that started her career in the Clothing industry, Megan developed leadership qualities in managing her department at a young age. She used these qualities to further her knowledge base and explore a more ridged and demanding industry in Events Planning and Management. As she broke into this gruelling industry, she soon found her calling in Destination Events Management and Marketing, providing a holistic service to both Elevate Vacations and customers alike.

Megan’s knowledge and experience have set her up for success in her endeavours to be the leading woman in her field. She has embarked on large projects and events in recent times, maintaining a strong presence and a powerhouse.

Eric Hsieh

Chief Financial Officer

Eric has a diverse range of experiences from working with global top 500 companies as well as local companies in retail, hospitality property management and not-for-profit industries. Previously, as a Controller working under CFO, Eric was looking over the financials and budgets in excess of $700M in annual revenue. At Elevate Vacations, he is looking over the financials for all the properties under Elevate Vacations' portfolio.

Just like everyone on the team, Eric enjoys the natural wonders Whistler has to offer. It's one of his favourite places to go in the summer for the activities and the scenery.

Jude Morah

Senior Accountant

Jude was originally born in Nigeria, Africa. With 23 years of managerial accounting experience here in B.C. His favourite part of Whistler is the Village square. In his spare time, he likes to spend his time taking a walk with friends and enjoying the energy of the Whistler Village nightlife.

Una Begovic

Property Specialist

Una was born in Croatia during the 1990’s Yugoslavian war, and immigrated to Canada in 1995 at the wee age of 3. Her parents barely spoke English at the time, but managed to find a home within the Property Management Industry, allowing her to grow up in a property management home. This gave her a solid background to one day join the industry herself, where she now has over 5 years of experience.  

Outside of work you can usually find her meditating by the ocean or in the forest, practicing her amateur yoga skills, hunting for new vegan recipes, or your typical cult-favorite…watching ALL the Netflix.  

Una is a new addition to the Elevate team, and is excited to deliver our clients exceptional experiences throughout their stay!

finesse constance - Elevate Vacations Team Whistler

Finesse Constance

Front Desk Manager

Growing up minutes from the ocean, in a quaint Australian town an hour north of Sydney; Finesse has always held a strong appreciation for the stunning scenery and diverse wildlife of her surroundings.

Finesse’s love for nature led her to volunteer at a local wildlife sanctuary, which focused on the rehabilitation and subsequent reintroduction of native endangered species to their natural habitats, as well as local environmental regeneration projects.

At 23 years old, Finesse’s sense of adventure drove her to explore the world and find a new place to call home; Hoping to experience something different from the blistering heat of Australia, she made the bold decision to move to Whistler on her own.

Having never experienced real snow, she was overjoyed to be living through her first of many Canadian winters, surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and pine trees, she quickly took up hiking, snowboarding... And snowball fights.

Finesse joined Elevate Vacations as a Front Desk Attendant, and within six months, grew to become the Front Desk Manager.
Working alongside her team, she focuses her time and efforts on giving each and every guest the same warm welcome that Whistler gave to her.

Arta Isufi

Housekeeping Manager

Originally from Albania, where I spent my childhood years growing up and going on to study tourism, of which I then worked for ten years in the industry. I decided to spread my wings and travel to Switzerland for for a short while. Before I knew it, I found myself in Canada Whistler in 2017, and have never looked back. My hobbies are travelling, biking and playing tennis, and I believe that Whistler is the perfect place for all of it.

Joseph Di Matteo


I was born and raised in London, England but despite being a city boy, I am a mountain lover at heart. I moved to Whistler in 2016 to pursue my love for outdoor life. I am absolutely passionate about people engaging with the beauty we have here in British Columbia and l love to share my own local knowledge with newcomers and guests. I spend my weekend's Skiing, ski-touring, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Camping, Canoeing...if you can't reach me, I'm probably in the backcountry.

Taylor Ginnetti - Elevate Vacations Whistler

Taylor Ginnetti

Front Desk & Maintenance

Born and raised in the Vancouver area, I have had the privilege to enjoy many of the great experiences that Whistler and the beautiful province of BC have to offer. I am a sports enthusiast, adventure seeker, food lover, and creative entrepreneur who loves to live an active lifestyle and explore new possibilities. In my free time, you can either find me at the hockey rink, on the mountain or enjoying a meal and drinks with friends and family.

With a background in marketing and customer service, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with everyone who wants to explore and enjoy this amazing province that I call home.

Kodi Brothers - Elevate Vacations Whistler

Kodi Brothers

Front Desk Agent

I was born in sunny Perth, Western Australia surrounded by the coast. Sounds like a dream...unless you're scared of the ocean! Although I may be a wimp in the water, I found my courage on the slopes.

I moved to Canada in 2018 with 10 years of customer service experience under my belt and a passion for people that led me to the front desk. The mountain life has stolen my heart and (much to my mother's dismay) I am pursuing permanent residency here in glorious BC.

Whistler's active culture means that we have many shared passions with our owners and guests. Whether it be snowboarding, skiing, biking, hiking or just soaking up the truly breathtaking scenery with a good glass of red - there is always something. This makes providing service with a smile easy, I really do love talking to you!