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    Our Seamless Check-In

Online Check-in

Our seamless check-in allows you to go straight to your unit without a check-in line. A Welcome Letter is received via email - so there are no extra touchpoints for cleanliness. All your payments can be made effortlessly online, and our advanced cleaning protocols ensure your and your family's safety while on your stay.

*Online check-ins are available at only some of our property locations.

What is Direct to Room Check-In?

Direct Check-in or Self-Check-in means that our owners and guests can check-in online before they arrive to bypass our office.

How Does it Work?

Once you have completed your booking, an introductory email will be sent to you confirming your booking and a digital registration package that needs to be completed and sent back to us.


What's contained in the registration package?

  • Your name and home address (as required by the Hotel Keepers Act)
  • Supplying a credit card for the $500 security/damage deposit
  • Agreement to abide by our policies and procedures (Terms & Conditions) as highlighted in the package (ie-our, our properties are strictly no smoking, a security/damage deposit must be collected for incidentals, etc.)
    Note: failure to abide by our guidelines can result in the loss of your security/damage deposit.
  • Record of all guests' names staying at our property - This is important due to following fire regulations and safety guidelines; lastly, also required by the Hotel Keepers Act.
  • Registering all vehicles that may be staying on the property. For safety purposes.

Why do we do this?

Just like at regular hotel check-in, some policies are required to be followed by the Hotel Keepers Act to ensure the safety of all guests.

Once the registration package has been completed, our Team will send you a Welcome Letter which contains the door code to your rental/unit. We suggest taking a screenshot of your door codes and sending it to all guests so you can access the unit without needing WIFI. Once you receive your door codes, you're welcome to proceed straight to your unit at 4 pm on check-in day.

This sounds good to me. What's Next?